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Welcome To The All New Updated RavenRealms, Your Place For D&D, Animation, and all different types of games including Java, ADOM, WC3, and Emulation.

11/14/04: Who here likes the good old classic video games. Now that DOOM 3 has come out, I think its time to pay a visit to the original and best, DOOM. I find myself playing the game even though it came out in like '95. If that isnt a classic, what is. You can download the first of the DOOM Trilogy for free HERE. I think what I like best about DOOM is the fact that I can play it on my OLD 66Mhz Windows 3.1 computer. I recently found an editor that lets you make some pretty awesome custom maps for DOOM. So, who wants to see a fully 3-D replica of a medeival castle, in the DOOM engine. I will update as soon as I get a playable map. You can get the map editor HERE

Now check out all of the coolness here. RavenRealms is getting a buttload of makeover here. I'm still updating all my original songs, animations, pictures, and D&D material. Im still working on the videos and what not, but if they get here, they will be cool. Im thinking of publishing a medieval comic strip type of thing. It will be based on a charactor called Magnificent Mage. Email me your feedback at Keep on keepin on.

-your favorite webmaster, Dan

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