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This Is the The Section Devoted To All things Warcraft! If you dont have the game, I suggest you go to a store and purchase it IMMEDIATELY. That being said, lets get on with the site. If you have Warcraft, get on the U.S. East (Azeroth) and go to the channel Clan DSA. DSA (Divine Sniper Alliance) is a clan that does nothing but play the Warcraft Map Snipers. If you cant get a hold of any clan members in the clan channel, whisper D)s(A-Demonclaw, D)s(A-ChosenOne, D)s(A-Cloaked, or D)s(A-Bubbles and ask them to play snipers. If your good at the game, you can be in the clan.

The Divine Sniper Alliance is a clan devoted to all things sniper. This site is trying to revive the art of sniping and paintball. SUPPORT OUR CAUSE! Play the games, join the clan, shape your destiny!

Get the New Noob HelperHERE(its a .txt file, so u can just right click and "save as" to your hard drive)


The War CenterDownload all the maps you need.

Stealthbot Really cool bot you can use in chat rooms.

More Links To Come!